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        Study/ 學習

        Our approach to learning combines the best aspects of a great research university and an outstanding liberal arts college.

        • Magazine

          The Spring 2019 Issue of NYUSH Magazine is Here!

          The NYU Shanghai Magazine is now online. Take a look back at the events of last semester and check out a few new stories as well. Pick up a paper copy at the front desk of the Academic Building. ...

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        • Gallery

          Scenes, Songs, and a Dose of Reality

          12 sophomores took to the stage at East China Normal University on September 11 to perform NYU Shanghai’s 6th annual “Reality Show,” an original musical about life at NYU Shanghai created by the students themselves for the incoming freshman class. ...

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        Learn More/ 了解更多

        Receive brochures, information packets, and other materials about NYU Shanghai

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